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Eurofurence 2022 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Thursday (Slot: 16h10 (2060))
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All mine! Who would doubt it!
(Lycus, pic#2S5A0770)


Finally! Stay back I tell you!
(Lycus, pic#2S5A0772)


...or getting ready for take off?
(Lycus, pic#2S5A0773)


Come here, if you dare!
(Lycus, pic#2S5A0778)

Dude, where's my boat?

I was sure it was around here somewhere?!
(Lycus, pic#2S5A0780)

Heading out!

For treasure and fame!
(Lycus, pic#2S5A0782)

Over where?

Hmmm... something...
(Lycus, pic#2S5A0784)

Bring it on!

I'm ready on both sides!
(Lycus, pic#2S5A0787)


I am ready whenever you are!
(Lycus, pic#2S5A0790)

Show your flag!

Sus? Who? me?
(Lycus, pic#2S5A0793)