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Eurofurence 2022 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Thursday (Slot: 15h45 (1188))
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I'm all in!
(Daflon, Toyagami, pic#2S5A0711)


Arr! Loot!
(Daflon, Dvon, Hypi, Toyagami, pic#2S5A0714)


Our gold! All of it!
(Daflon, Dvon, Hypi, Toyagami, pic#2S5A0721)

The crew!

Arr! Hello?!
(Daflon, Dvon, Hypi, Toyagami, pic#2S5A0723)

Victory Pose

Don't cross our paths!
(Daflon, Dvon, Hypi, Toyagami, pic#2S5A0727)

Group Pose

Don't mess with us!
(Daflon, Dvon, Hypi, Toyagami, pic#2S5A0729)

I see your point...

...even though it is a bit blurry!
(Dvon, Hypi, pic#2S5A0731)

Don't you dare!

Hand over your money! We take credit cards too!
(Daflon, Toyagami, pic#2S5A0732)