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Eurofurence 2022 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Thursday (Slot: 15h00 (1011))
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This is MINE!

Arr! Don't you dare get your mitts on my treasure chest!
(Tau, pic#2S5A0585)

Opening the Chest

Found the treasure!
(Tau, pic#2S5A0590)


Mine! All miiiiine!
(Tau, pic#2S5A0591)

All that glitters...

...ain't gold, but this sure is!
(Tau, pic#2S5A0594)


Hooray! Loot!
(Tau, pic#2S5A0599)


Who dares walt around on my island?
(Tau, pic#2S5A0602)


*pirate talk*
(Tau, pic#2S5A0605)