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Eurofurence 2022 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Thursday (Slot: 14h45 (1048))
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Treasure hunters

Look, over there!
(Lumie, Miss Nathalie, Vivian, pic#2S5A0555)

This one?

No, no, more to the right!
(Lumie, Miss Nathalie, Vivian, pic#2S5A0557)

Double cross!

Oh no, not with us!
(Lumie, Miss Nathalie, Vivian, pic#2S5A0560)

Hand it over!

Wel... since you ask so nicely!
(Lumie, pic#2S5A0562)

Pirates United! least until the next loot!
(Lumie, Miss Nathalie, Vivian, pic#2S5A0567)

Oh! Gold!

There's gold in there!
(Lumie, Miss Nathalie, Vivian, pic#2S5A0573)


Hooray for looting!
(Lumie, Miss Nathalie, Vivian, pic#2S5A0576)

Watching the sunset

Look at the nice sunset! How relaxing!
(Lumie, Vivian, pic#2S5A0580)


Come close!
(Lumie, Vivian, pic#2S5A0582)