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Eurofurence 2022 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Thursday (Slot: 14h20 (1340))
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OK, I'll take it!
(Kalidos the Grovyle , pic#2S5A0523)


Hooray for treasure!
(Kalidos the Grovyle , pic#2S5A0527)

Don't come closer

this is my treasure! Move along!
(Kalidos the Grovyle , pic#2S5A0529)

I see your point!

Even though it is a bit blurry...
(Kalidos the Grovyle , pic#2S5A0533)

Waiting for my ride!

Where is that boat when you need it!?
(Kalidos the Grovyle , pic#2S5A0534)

Over there?

Where did they burry that treasure?!
(Kalidos the Grovyle , pic#2S5A0537)

Can I interest you... genuine treasure maps?
(Kalidos the Grovyle , pic#2S5A0540)


Can't see them yet!
(Kalidos the Grovyle , pic#2S5A0547)

Party mode!

I even got my own drink!
(Kalidos the Grovyle , pic#2S5A0549)

Drink and drive?

Not a good idea, no..
(Kalidos the Grovyle , pic#2S5A0553)