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Eurofurence 2022 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Thursday (Slot: 13h45 (1043))
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Get on with it!

You are stalling, aren't you!?
(Kaomoro, Kimu, Mestiso, pic#2S5A0413)


Ummm... not sure if we hit him?
(Kaomoro, Kimu, Mestiso, pic#2S5A0417)


It's right here, see?
(Kaomoro, Kimu, Mestiso, pic#2S5A0419)

All for one!

...and nothing for all!
(Kaomoro, Kimu, Mestiso, pic#2S5A0423)


Hand it over!
(Kaomoro, Kimu, Mestiso, pic#2S5A0425)

Let's go!

Set sails!
(, pic#2S5A0430)

Dude, where's my boat?

I'm sure we left it over here?!
(, pic#2S5A0441)


Come on, you can handle it!
(Kimu, Mestiso, pic#2S5A0446)

Ummm... we want to know?
(, pic#2S5A0449)


There, good pirates!
(, pic#2S5A0452)


See! There it is!
(, pic#2S5A0456)