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Eurofurence 2022 Fursuit Photoshoot
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Enjoying some time on the beach together!
(Azalea, Eldemare, pic#2S5A0795)

Where did you put our loot?

Hand it over!
(Azalea, Eldemare, pic#2S5A0800)

Over there!

It should be burried in tht direction!
(Azalea, Eldemare, pic#2S5A0803)

Sunny day... the beach again!
(Azalea, Eldemare, pic#2S5A0806)

Show your flag!

No matter which one!
(Azalea, Eldemare, pic#2S5A0810)


I am armed!
(Eldemare, pic#2S5A0816)