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Eurofurence 2022 Fursuit Photoshoot
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Feeling slightly romantic!
(Aiglensis, Alistair, pic#2S5A0188)

Over there!

Treasure! Or fresh loot?
(Aiglensis, Alistair, pic#2S5A0190)

Follow along!

You take the lead!
(Aiglensis, Alistair, pic#2S5A0192)


Battle cry! Get ready!
(Aiglensis, Alistair, pic#2S5A0196)


I'm not aware of that word!
(Aiglensis, Alistair, pic#2S5A0198)

Stay off!

This is our treasure island!
(Aiglensis, Alistair, pic#2S5A0202)


Finally! All ours!
(Aiglensis, Alistair, pic#2S5A0210)

Told you so!

I don't know the word "sharing"!
(Aiglensis, Alistair, pic#2S5A0212)