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Eurofurence 2019 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Thursday (Slot: 19h10 (2877))
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They stopped before it got embarrassing.
(Dvon, Szürky, pic#_B7A4513)

Labor Division

"You hold, I swing."
(Dvon, Szürky, pic#_B7A4515)

No Slice And Dice

It's a matter of split seconds.
(Dvon, Szürky, pic#_B7A4517)

Back From Travel

"Wow, you haven't aged a day!"
(Dvon, Szürky, pic#_B7A4519)

Back From Travel 2

"Neither have you."
(Dvon, Szürky, pic#_B7A4521)

Dimensional Diary

"We've been here since quite some time."
(Dvon, Szürky, pic#_B7A4523)

Dimensional Diary

"Playing C64 as a pasttime."
(Dvon, Szürky, pic#_B7A4524)

Dimensional Diary

"We spend days breaking each others highscores..."
(Dvon, Szürky, pic#_B7A4527)

Dimensional Diary

"...made a laser tag competition..."
(Dvon, Szürky, pic#_B7A4528)

Dimensional Diary

"...and split time out of boredom."
(Dvon, Szürky, pic#_B7A4531)