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Eurofurence 2019 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Thursday (Slot: 17h45 (2662))
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Suprise Visit

(FlurryFlecky, Mahkun, Trip E. Collie, pic#_B7A4383)

Return Consignment

"Go back, we don't need old schoolers!"
(FlurryFlecky, Mahkun, Trip E. Collie, pic#_B7A4386)

Cool Dudes

"That's more swag than you can handle!"
(FlurryFlecky, Mahkun, Trip E. Collie, pic#_B7A4391)

Time Machine

"Let's head back to the 80's!"
(FlurryFlecky, Mahkun, Trip E. Collie, pic#_B7A4394)

Minor Disagreement

"Paws off, the future it is!"
(FlurryFlecky, Mahkun, Trip E. Collie, pic#_B7A4397)

See Ya

"Will go alone then!"
(Trip E. Collie, pic#_B7A4403)

Something Is Fishy

"Wait, that's not the 80's..."
(Mahkun, pic#_B7A4405)


"Blast, that metro station again!"
(FlurryFlecky, pic#_B7A4410)

Trail And Error

"How shall I hold that thing to get that japanese garden?"
(FlurryFlecky, pic#_B7A4411)