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Eurofurence 2019 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Thursday (Slot: 16h10 (2737))
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"The travel from Fastoon caused quite some time dilation!"
(Chu, pic#_B7A4183)

Strange Demeanor

It's time to stop pointing at the clock!
(Chu, pic#_B7A4185)

Alternative Leasing

"Oye, you mind borrowing it for some time?"
(Chu, pic#_B7A4188)

Bargain Price

"Wait, isn't that the cheap model from the advert last week?"
(Chu, pic#_B7A4191)


"Seriously, no wonder it's constantly wrong!"
(Chu, pic#_B7A4193)


"Hi there~"
(Chu, pic#_B7A4195)


"Whoops, did I take the wrong turn?"
(Chu, pic#_B7A4197)


Guess who's that!
(Chu, pic#_B7A4200)

Spacetime Travel

Armed and ready.
(Chu, pic#_B7A4206)


Reactions are a matter of split seconds
(Chu, pic#_B7A4208)

Hidden power

"This weapon is more capably than it looks at first glance!"
(Chu, pic#_B7A4211)