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Eurofurence 2019 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Thursday (Slot: 14h45 (1058))
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The gang!

Hi there!
(Foxqy, Pastèk, Rocky, pic#_B7A4056)


Put your paws up!
(Foxqy, Pastèk, Rocky, pic#_B7A4057)

Smile at life!

...also Pizza!
(Foxqy, Pastèk, Rocky, pic#_B7A4059)

Don't come in!

...the surprise is not ready yet!!
(Foxqy, Pastèk, Rocky, pic#_B7A4061)

Hacking time!

trust us, it works!
(Foxqy, Pastèk, Rocky, pic#_B7A4064)


next stop, next EF! the wait will be over!
(Foxqy, Pastèk, Rocky, pic#_B7A4069)

The ceremony

Someone is getting knighted... or decapitated.
(Foxqy, Pastèk, Rocky, pic#_B7A4071)

Dont bring blades... a nerf fight!
(Foxqy, Pastèk, Rocky, pic#_B7A4075)

I told you so!

(Foxqy, Pastèk, Rocky, pic#_B7A4077)