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Eurofurence 2019 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Thursday (Slot: 14h10 (1442))
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Nekan and MrFoxees

(MrFoxees, Nekan, pic#_B7A4001)

Bing bong!

You can hear the seconds passing away!
(MrFoxees, Nekan, pic#_B7A4003)

The clock is smiling...

wait whaa?
(MrFoxees, Nekan, pic#_B7A4007)

Time zones!

its the twilight zone after all...
(MrFoxees, Nekan, pic#_B7A4010)

May i come in?

(MrFoxees, Nekan, pic#_B7A4012)


(MrFoxees, Nekan, pic#_B7A4014)

What do you think of this hat?

mhmmm not bad!
(MrFoxees, Nekan, pic#_B7A4015)