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Eurofurence 2019 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Thursday (Slot: 13h30 (1538))
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Unknown universe!

What wonders await us here
(Gingetsu, Graenn, pic#_B7A3893)

Double clocks!

It's time to stop!
(Gingetsu, Graenn, pic#_B7A3896)

Hacking time

Trust us, the poses are important
(Gingetsu, Graenn, pic#_B7A3904)

Graenn and Gingetsu

Careful! Something might be hiding in the fog!
(Gingetsu, Graenn, pic#_B7A3908)


(Gingetsu, pic#_B7A3916)

Gingetsu posing

(Gingetsu, pic#_B7A3917)


something is coming!
(Gingetsu, pic#_B7A3922)

It's time to dragon!

No, that's not a cookie!
(Graenn, pic#_B7A3927)

what time is it?

time to Graenn!
(Graenn, pic#_B7A3929)

Gingetsu and Graenn

Quick, behind me! I'll protect you!
(Gingetsu, Graenn, pic#_B7A3931)


(Gingetsu, Graenn, pic#_B7A3934)

Nobody touches my pal!

Stay off!
(Gingetsu, Graenn, pic#_B7A3938)