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Eurofurence 2019 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Thursday (Slot: 13h10 (1939))
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Happy Gathering

To be thick as thieves.
(Kiddy, Niwo Sapphire, pic#_B7A3789)

Minor Disagreement

"You broke it!", "No, you!"
(Kiddy, Niwo Sapphire, pic#_B7A3793)

Major Disagreement

"Square go!"
(Kiddy, Niwo Sapphire, pic#_B7A3795)

Technical Difficulties

"Oye, those things are loaded with blanks!"
(Kiddy, Niwo Sapphire, pic#_B7A3797)


"Ok, let's look serious so no one will notice."
(Kiddy, Niwo Sapphire, pic#_B7A3800)


"There can only be one!"
(Kiddy, Niwo Sapphire, pic#_B7A3802)


"But to be honest, doing it together looks way cooler."
(Kiddy, Niwo Sapphire, pic#_B7A3804)


"Christopher Lambert would be jealous!"
(Kiddy, Niwo Sapphire, pic#_B7A3806)


"I guess that smoke isn't normal."
(Kiddy, Niwo Sapphire, pic#_B7A3812)

Malfuction 2

"I just pressed "ON"!!!"
(Kiddy, Niwo Sapphire, pic#_B7A3814)

Malfunction 3

"If they ask us what happened, we say it was like that before."
(Kiddy, Niwo Sapphire, pic#_B7A3816)


"We have all the time in the world!"
(Kiddy, Niwo Sapphire, pic#_B7A3824)


"I can even beat you one-handed!"
(Kiddy, Niwo Sapphire, pic#_B7A3828)

Bad Winner

"And I wasn't even trying."
(Kiddy, Niwo Sapphire, pic#_B7A3830)


"Blast, it didn't save my highscore!"
(Kiddy, Niwo Sapphire, pic#_B7A3832)

Shopping Channel

"If you order this wonderful clock today, you will get a spare pack of batteries for free."
(Kiddy, Niwo Sapphire, pic#_B7A3834)


"Look what they entrusted to me!"
(Niwo Sapphire, pic#_B7A3838)


"Great, I'm stuck with that ordinary pen."
(Kiddy, pic#_B7A3841)


"There's always time for a smile."
(Kiddy, Niwo Sapphire, pic#_B7A3845)