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Eurofurence 2019 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Saturday (Slot: 17h20 (6101))
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"This is my favorite piece..."
(Tikon, pic#_B7A6786)

Antiquity 2

"...all that attention to detail."
(Tikon, pic#_B7A6789)


Tikon's cute pounces
(Tikon, pic#_B7A6791)


"I'm here for my shift."
(Tikon, pic#_B7A6793)


"Hi, Tikon here."
(Tikon, pic#_B7A6796)

Futuristic Punchcard

"Here's the record of all work shifts I'm going to do."
(Tikon, pic#_B7A6798)

Today's Agenda

Spa destination study
(Tikon, pic#_B7A6801)

Woodstock Incident

"Hello my little friend."
(Tikon, pic#_B7A6804)


"Just some harmless playing around, promise."
(Tikon, pic#_B7A6806)

A week of mending

"Constantly fixing those is quite exhausting."
(Tikon, pic#_B7A6812)


"So I'm having a litte snack after so much hard work."
(Tikon, pic#_B7A6814)

Home Time

"Jeez, look at the time."
(Tikon, pic#_B7A6817)