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Eurofurence 2019 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Saturday (Slot: 16h20 (6601))
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Grin and bear it!

I:"(Muttering) I won't say a word~"
(Inari, Niffel, pic#_B7A6618)


"Just copy them from this one."
(Inari, Niffel, pic#_B7A6620)

Imported Wares

"Those gadgets are worth their weight in gold."
(Inari, Niffel, pic#_B7A6625)

Heating cost saving

"Close it quickly". "Hold on, I need to get through too..."
(Inari, Niffel, pic#_B7A6627)

Open or Closed

Please decide now!
(Inari, Niffel, pic#_B7A6630)

A Glimpse

"I forgot my glasses, this one should do."
(Niffel, pic#_B7A6631)


"Dude, that's no replacement for your glasses."
(Inari, Niffel, pic#_B7A6632)

Head-Shaking Inari

"All I see is someone silly."
(Inari, Niffel, pic#_B7A6635)

Biological Weapon

"Believe me, that thing can hurt too."
(Inari, Niffel, pic#_B7A6637)

Rock Hard

Let out your inner animal
(Inari, Niffel, pic#_B7A6639)


"Don't we look good?"
(Inari, Niffel, pic#_B7A6641)

Practical Thinking

"A made a shortcut for our daily commute."
(Inari, Niffel, pic#_B7A6644)