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Eurofurence 2019 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Saturday (Slot: 16h10 (6762))
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Greetings, traveler
(Anubis Star, Asmodina, pic#_B7A6586)

Where are we?

no, the question is "When are we?"
(Anubis Star, Asmodina, pic#_B7A6590)


synching the clocks
(Anubis Star, Asmodina, pic#_B7A6596)

Fractures in time

these need to be fixed
(Anubis Star, Asmodina, pic#_B7A6599)

Proud team

We never run late
(Anubis Star, Asmodina, pic#_B7A6601)

What time is it?

Cactus Time!
(Anubis Star, Asmodina, pic#_B7A6603)

A timeless present

but will she take it?
(Anubis Star, Asmodina, pic#_B7A6606)

Cacti ...

... to some these are unacceptable
(Anubis Star, Asmodina, pic#_B7A6608)


with time even gods will pass
(Anubis Star, Asmodina, pic#_B7A6611)


I shall not go without a fight
(Anubis Star, Asmodina, pic#_B7A6615)