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Eurofurence 2019 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Saturday (Slot: 12h10 (5114))
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Best Pals

Hi there
(Leeroy, Tiberius, pic#_B7A5888)

Youre are late

The photoshoot already started
(Leeroy, Tiberius, pic#_B7A5890)


Be careful with that sword
(Leeroy, Tiberius, pic#_B7A5893)

Paint by numbers

You missed one
(Leeroy, Tiberius, pic#_B7A5896)


Fun with some old games
(Leeroy, Tiberius, pic#_B7A5899)


Leeroy wins
(Leeroy, Tiberius, pic#_B7A5901)


Point for Tiberius
(Leeroy, Tiberius, pic#_B7A5902)

Game over

You loose
(Leeroy, Tiberius, pic#_B7A5904)


Stop making portals everywhere
(Leeroy, Tiberius, pic#_B7A5908)

Jump in

Are you sure you want do go there?
(Leeroy, Tiberius, pic#_B7A5910)