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Eurofurence 2019 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Friday (Slot: 20h13 (9020))
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Can I come in?

Where did we end up now?
(Botch, pic#_B7A5701)


Pose for me!
(Botch, pic#_B7A5702)

What are you looking at?

Never seen a photographer before?
(Botch, pic#_B7A5704)

Stand back!

I'll protect you, pal!
(Botch, pic#_B7A5706)


Don't tempt me! I have a gun and I'm not afrait to use it!
(Botch, pic#_B7A5709)

Oh! Spicy!

There might be some privacy laws involved...
(Botch, pic#_B7A5713)

Guard 1

Guard duty. Better turn around!
(Botch, pic#_B7A5714)

Guard 2

Still on duty, but now I got company!
(Botch, pic#_B7A5717)


Why not!
(Botch, pic#_B7A5720)

That worked?

Well, better not fall in!
(Botch, pic#_B7A5723)

I wonder...

...did I set the time right?
(Botch, pic#_B7A5728)


Yes, I'll just hang around for a bit.
(Botch, pic#_B7A5731)

Peeking in

What's this all about?
(Botch, pic#_B7A5733)