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Eurofurence 2019 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Friday (Slot: 17h10 (4266))
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May i come in?
(Lestar, pic#_B7A5243)

This feels great!

This is the "room temperature" room.
(Lestar, pic#_B7A5245)


(Lestar, pic#_B7A5248)


nope, just his badass brother!
(Lestar, pic#_B7A5250)

The time is mine!

Time to party!
(Lestar, pic#_B7A5253)

Just in time!

Bird? What bird?
(Lestar, pic#_B7A5258)

Ready for the time jump?

Contemplating potential side effects...
(Lestar, pic#_B7A5260)

It's Lestar time!

*start the intro theme*
(Lestar, pic#_B7A5261)

Breaking time!

Great scott!
(Lestar, pic#_B7A5263)

En Garde!

This blade is as sharp as my claws!
(Lestar, pic#_B7A5267)

Rewriting History

is this safe?
(Lestar, pic#_B7A5270)

Rewriting history way or the other...
(Lestar, pic#_B7A5272)

New item won!

The pencil of Destiny!
(Lestar, pic#_B7A5274)