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Eurofurence 2019 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Friday (Slot: 17h00 (4272))
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Grandpa clock

we have to set it!
(Chaosthief, Kit Raevson, pic#_B7A5216)

Don't touch that clock!

My late grandfather left it to me!
(Chaosthief, Kit Raevson, pic#_B7A5218)


(Chaosthief, Kit Raevson, pic#_B7A5220)

Choose your weapon

shotguns, guns, swords... all goes!
(Chaosthief, Kit Raevson, pic#_B7A5223)


to the dino era
(Chaosthief, Kit Raevson, pic#_B7A5227)

Back in time

oh hellow! which year is this?
(Chaosthief, Kit Raevson, pic#_B7A5231)

We come in peace

...and somebody leaves in pieces.
(Chaosthief, Kit Raevson, pic#_B7A5236)

Restoration completed!

proud of that clock!
(Chaosthief, Kit Raevson, pic#_B7A5237)

Pencil vs sword.

Words are the strongest weapon!
(Chaosthief, Kit Raevson, pic#_B7A5240)