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Eurofurence 2019 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Friday (Slot: 14h00 (3097))
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Sarick shows Aethireal the past Berlin.
(Aethireal, Sarick, pic#_B7A4876)


It's 8:20 ... but which year?
(Aethireal, Sarick, pic#_B7A4878)

Door Control

Maybe the door closes if I push that button?
(Aethireal, Sarick, pic#_B7A4880)

That's when we need to go!

See? I set it all up to visit EF 1!
(Aethireal, Sarick, pic#_B7A4883)

Time Mashine

Let's travel back in time...or maybe to the future?
(Aethireal, Sarick, pic#_B7A4885)


Aethireal and Sarick have a little fight... with a strange choice of weapons.
(Aethireal, Sarick, pic#_B7A4888)


It is safe, trust me. Just jump into the portal.
(Aethireal, Sarick, pic#_B7A4890)