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Eurofurence 2019 Fursuit Photoshoot
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Hey Guys!

Where did you come from?
(Danwolf, Tenebris, Wuffy, pic#_B7A6448)

Group picture

Umm... I think the clock stopped?
(Danwolf, Tenebris, Wuffy, pic#_B7A6452)


Tenebris seems to like that clock
(Danwolf, Tenebris, Wuffy, pic#_B7A6455)

Showing time

Which one would you choose?
(Danwolf, Tenebris, Wuffy, pic#_B7A6457)


Press Enter to open portal
(Danwolf, Tenebris, Wuffy, pic#_B7A6462)

What's that?

Something slipped through the portal
(Danwolf, Tenebris, Wuffy, pic#_B7A6470)

Don't Panic!

Somebody do something
(Danwolf, Tenebris, Wuffy, pic#_B7A6475)

Something changed

Were are our guns?
(Danwolf, Tenebris, Wuffy, pic#_B7A6480)


In real live
(Danwolf, Tenebris, Wuffy, pic#_B7A6483)

No, I don't want to trade!

Keep your cactus!
(Danwolf, Tenebris, Wuffy, pic#_B7A6486)

Fixing the clock

Nearly finished
(Danwolf, Tenebris, Wuffy, pic#_B7A6488)

Armed and Ready

Serious wolf
(Wuffy, pic#_B7A6509)


Let's get 'em!
(Wuffy, pic#_B7A6510)

Stalking dinosaurs

Where is that little bastard?
(Wuffy, pic#_B7A6514)