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Eurofurence 2019 Fursuit Photoshoot
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Anybody home?

This place looks strange
(Wistfane, pic#_B7A6368)


That's some interesting modification
(Wistfane, pic#_B7A6372)

Curious horse

Let's have a closer look
(Wistfane, pic#_B7A6374)

Drop your gun!

I'm faster than you
(Wistfane, pic#_B7A6376)

Draw your gun!

The fastest horse in the West
(Wistfane, pic#_B7A6378)

Bad Horse

Are you talking to me?
(Wistfane, pic#_B7A6382)


Who need weapons
(Wistfane, pic#_B7A6388)


Evil spiny cactus
(Wistfane, pic#_B7A6394)


Can Wistfan pull the sword?
(Wistfane, pic#_B7A6399)