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Eurofurence 2019 Fursuit Photoshoot
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Guard Dog

Serve and Protect
(Alaska, Khan Hein, Vexare, pic#_B7A6136)

Area secured

Let's go
(Alaska, Khan Hein, Vexare, pic#_B7A6138)

Check that door

Everyone on position
(Alaska, Khan Hein, Vexare, pic#_B7A6141)

Portals popping up

Be ready
(Alaska, Khan Hein, Vexare, pic#_B7A6144)

Set the time

Should we go back or forth?
(Alaska, Khan Hein, Vexare, pic#_B7A6150)


Saying hi
(Vexare, pic#_B7A6155)

Erasing history

one hour at a time!
(Vexare, pic#_B7A6159)

Erasing time

Do you thing that's a good idea?
(Vexare, pic#_B7A6163)