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Eurofurence 2019 Fursuit Photoshoot
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Hello there!

May I come in?
(Taeck Salo, pic#_B7A5554)


Sorry, but... what day is this?
(Taeck Salo, pic#_B7A5556)

Rewriting history

better like this!
(Taeck Salo, pic#_B7A5558)

This is my time machine controller!

I know, its fancy!
(Taeck Salo, pic#_B7A5561)

Bing bong

I'ts time to Taeck
(Taeck Salo, pic#_B7A5563)


Not very portable for a fancy smartwatch
(Taeck Salo, pic#_B7A5565)

Hacking time!

Great Scott!
(Taeck Salo, pic#_B7A5567)

Setting arrival time

When do you want to go today?
(Taeck Salo, pic#_B7A5570)

Clockin' in!

(Taeck Salo, pic#_B7A5574)


a new dimension?
(Taeck Salo, pic#_B7A5578)

I come from the future!

no time to explain!
(Taeck Salo, pic#_B7A5582)