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Eurofurence 2019 Fursuit Photoshoot
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Toy Weaponry

"And that thing only shoots soup bubbles you say?"
(Raittie, Sora, pic#_B7A4572)

Sword Training

"Stay relaxed and take a solid stance."
(Raittie, Sora, pic#_B7A4573)

Tactical Mistake

"Remember, swords aren't good against stun guns."
(Raittie, Sora, pic#_B7A4577)

Warm Hug

"Smile for me."
(Sora, pic#_B7A4579)

Question For The Audience

"What time is the best to return to?"
(Raittie, Sora, pic#_B7A4581)


"They decided that we should head back to lunch time."
(Raittie, Sora, pic#_B7A4584)

Canteen Visit

"Splendid, I am hungry already."
(Raittie, Sora, pic#_B7A4587)

Zero Gravity

Floating around.
(Raittie, Sora, pic#_B7A4591)

Buddies For Life

"We are the best team ever."
(Raittie, Sora, pic#_B7A4593)