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Eurofurence 2019 Fursuit Photoshoot
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A short visit to a interdimensional pocket
(Shirefox, WagnerMutt, pic#_B7A6894)

Infinity Stones VS. Micro Black Hole

It's on!
(Shirefox, WagnerMutt, pic#_B7A6896)


"Come get me, punk!"
(Shirefox, WagnerMutt, pic#_B7A6897)

Powerful Glove

"Heh, I have no sweat manipulating them."
(Shirefox, WagnerMutt, pic#_B7A6900)

Oh, snap!

Where did you want to send me?
(Shirefox, WagnerMutt, pic#_B7A6902)


"You're not going to fight me with that tiny thing, aren't you?"
(Shirefox, WagnerMutt, pic#_B7A6905)

Still Mocking

"It will end bad for you and your tooth pick."
(Shirefox, WagnerMutt, pic#_B7A6908)

Agitated Fox

"Size isn't always important, you know!"
(Shirefox, WagnerMutt, pic#_B7A6911)