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Eurofurence 2019 Fursuit Photoshoot
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"Help me guys, it's going to break through!"
(Darcus, May, Rhino, Volt, pic#_B7A6861)

Time Info Overload

May:"What I'm supposed to do with all the information?"
(Darcus, May, Rhino, Volt, pic#_B7A6865)

Fashion Victim

"What do I look like?"
(Rhino, pic#_B7A6868)

Darcus and Friends

D:"And here we have ... Oye, stop eating that!"
(Darcus, May, Rhino, Volt, pic#_B7A6870)

Darcus and Friends 2

Enjoying their time out
(Darcus, May, Rhino, Volt, pic#_B7A6873)

Tormented Tiger

"We warned you. Now feel the wrath of time!"
(Darcus, May, Rhino, Volt, pic#_B7A6875)

Defeated Tiger

"Looks like his time is up now."
(Darcus, May, Rhino, Volt, pic#_B7A6878)


"Dear Diary, today I had a wonderful time ..."
(Rhino, pic#_B7A6882)

Time out

Gaming and Relaxing
(Darcus, May, Rhino, Volt, pic#_B7A6884)