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Eurofurence 2019 Fursuit Photoshoot
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Luuna and Ray Bleiz from two different time frames.
(Luuna, Ray Bleiz, pic#_B7A3587)


"Or we blast you to smithereens!"
(Luuna, Ray Bleiz, pic#_B7A3591)

Character Item Exchange

"Wanna give me that pretty blinking gizmo?"
(Ray Bleiz, pic#_B7A3627)


"Is that me?"
(Ray Bleiz, pic#_B7A3631)

Time Split

"That clock obviously isn't in mint condition anymore."
(Ray Bleiz, pic#_B7A3635)

Self Esteen

"Gonna love myself, no, I don't need anybody else~"
(Ray Bleiz, pic#_B7A3639)

Scarier Than Jaws

"Whatever you do, don't turn around!"
(Luuna, Ray Bleiz, pic#_B7A3648)


"Timetravel can be quite exhausting."
(Luuna, Ray Bleiz, pic#_B7A3651)

Time Warping

"That's how it's done!"
(Luuna, Ray Bleiz, pic#_B7A3655)

Perfect Execution

"... and synchronize!"
(Luuna, Ray Bleiz, pic#_B7A3657)


An award winning performance
(Luuna, Ray Bleiz, pic#_B7A3660)

Pushing it back to the past

"Let's pretend there's no scary monster. See, only us two"
(Luuna, Ray Bleiz, pic#_B7A3672)