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Eurofurence 2019 Fursuit Photoshoot
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Let's play!

...we have all the time we need!
(Polar Lykaios, pic#_B7A4812)

Ready for the future?

No? How about the past then?
(Polar Lykaios, pic#_B7A4814)


Turn that frown around!
(Polar Lykaios, pic#_B7A4822)

What's the time?

I have many options...
(Polar Lykaios, pic#_B7A4824)


Time and space are linked until I get my hands at them!
(Polar Lykaios, pic#_B7A4826)


There: Have some dinosaurs!
(Polar Lykaios, pic#_B7A4828)

Writing history

Never mind, it's broken anyway.
(Polar Lykaios, pic#_B7A4830)


I think I'll keep this on my way out!
(Polar Lykaios, pic#_B7A4832)