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Eurofurence 2019 Fursuit Photoshoot
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New Product Old Looks

"May we present the atomic clock vintage edition."
(Maho, Munty, pic#_B7A6648)


"What a sec, this thing is off by two hours already!"
(Maho, Munty, pic#_B7A6650)

Embarrassing Mistake

"Oop, I'm might put in rubidium instead of caesium."
(Maho, Munty, pic#_B7A6651)

Plan B

"Therefore we present you a less complicated version..."
(Maho, Munty, pic#_B7A6654)

DIY Repair Instruction

"It's important to only use quality pencils provided by us..."
(Maho, Munty, pic#_B7A6658)

DIY Repair Instruction 2

" aftermarkt ones won't do the job."
(Maho, Munty, pic#_B7A6660)

To Early

"No, your entrance is not now!"
(Maho, Munty, pic#_B7A6662)


"But I'm here for the new product presentation."
(Maho, Munty, pic#_B7A6665)

Timeless Devices

Always in Demand
(Maho, Munty, pic#_B7A6670)