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Eurofurence 2019 Fursuit Photoshoot
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"I didn't know Berlin has interdimensional space pockets."
(Lakota, pic#_B7A4246)

Casual Entrance

"Yo, what's up?"
(Lakota, pic#_B7A4248)

New Toy

"Whoa nice, portals"
(Lakota, pic#_B7A4249)

New Toy 2

"Hell, that's a wicked dimensional ripper!"
(Lakota, pic#_B7A4250)


"Wanne be ripped by this as well?"
(Lakota, pic#_B7A4253)

Lakota Meets Prehistory

"Off to the past~"
(Lakota, pic#_B7A4255)

Fend Off

"Dude, those things are gonna crawl out!"
(Lakota, pic#_B7A4257)


"Gotta clean that mess up fast!"
(Lakota, pic#_B7A4261)


"Made it, no sweat."
(Lakota, pic#_B7A4265)

Happy To Help

"Call me if you need me again!"
(Lakota, pic#_B7A4267)