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Eurofurence 2019 Fursuit Photoshoot
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"Excuse me, which is the way to the sword fighting tournament?"
(Kiwi, Ripster, pic#_B7A4497)

Timely Selection

"We got all the time in the world."
(Kiwi, Ripster, pic#_B7A4498)

Contradicting Strategies

"Let me chop it off." "Wait, I can still mend it!"
(Kiwi, Ripster, pic#_B7A4501)


"What's with all that stuff?"
(Kiwi, Ripster, pic#_B7A4503)

Old vs New

"You're no match for me!"
(Kiwi, Ripster, pic#_B7A4504)

Trendy Attire

"From what era are you from?"
(Kiwi, Ripster, pic#_B7A4509)

Portal Jumper

"Off I go then!"
(Kiwi, Ripster, pic#_B7A4511)