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Eurofurence 2019 Fursuit Photoshoot
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It's Time To

...well hold clocks and look good.
(HemiHusky, pic#_B7A4551)

New Einstein

"Comparring those, give me more insight regarding relativity."
(HemiHusky, pic#_B7A4552)

Temporal Imports

"I brought you some fine music."
(HemiHusky, pic#_B7A4555)

The Better Choice

"That's stuff is way better than modern mishmash"
(HemiHusky, pic#_B7A4556)

Time Slicer

"Hi, I'm the time technician you called."
(HemiHusky, pic#_B7A4560)

Delicate Swinging

"There we have the problem, I gotta cut that out."
(HemiHusky, pic#_B7A4562)


"See, fracturing it stopped the time leakage."
(HemiHusky, pic#_B7A4563)


"Just a bit and it should be good."
(HemiHusky, pic#_B7A4564)

Ambassador Of Music

Asia meets Boombox.
(HemiHusky, pic#_B7A4566)

Crossed Swords

"Don't cross me though ..."
(HemiHusky, pic#_B7A4569)


"... you will regret it!"
(HemiHusky, pic#_B7A4570)