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Eurofurence 2019 Fursuit Photoshoot
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Food Trap

"Nuh, my cookie is sucked in~!"
(Gideon, Thabo, pic#_B7A7025)

Portable Portal

"Whooo, I'm partly wormhole now."
(Gideon, Thabo, pic#_B7A7028)

Bigger than expected

"You always said I have a bottomless stomach."
(Gideon, Thabo, pic#_B7A7030)


"Feeling weak? Have a break and a little snack."
(Gideon, Thabo, pic#_B7A7033)

Lunchtime 2

"After eat this, you'll be better."
(Gideon, Thabo, pic#_B7A7035)

Fixing the past

That's a delicate bussiness
(Gideon, Thabo, pic#_B7A7036)

Try a different angle

And put yourself more into it
(Gideon, Thabo, pic#_B7A7038)