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Eurofurence 2019 Fursuit Photoshoot
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Am I late?

Did Eurofurence start already?
(Flex, pic#_B7A4697)

Oh, right!

Flex is on time for Eurofurence.
(Flex, pic#_B7A4699)


The Past, the Present and the Future
(Flex, pic#_B7A4700)


Traveller Flex from the past arrives at EF25
(Flex, pic#_B7A4703)

I come in Peace

Please don't shoot me
(Flex, pic#_B7A4705)

Take this!

Eurofurence won't end if time stops running, right?
(Flex, pic#_B7A4706)


Maybe it wasn't a good idea to kill time.
(Flex, pic#_B7A4709)