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Eurofurence 2019 Fursuit Photoshoot
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Just another fox in time.
(Elias, pic#_B7A5057)

Oh sorry!

Is this the correct universe?
(Elias, pic#_B7A5058)

Oh snooze

Just let me sleep a lill bit longer.
(Elias, pic#_B7A5061)

My lill green one

Here is my friend.
(Elias, pic#_B7A5062)

Take this!

Elias does figth the time.
(Elias, pic#_B7A5065)


Its not the time of ...
(Elias, pic#_B7A5068)

When did i !?

I was here tomorrow.
(Elias, pic#_B7A5070)

Better weapon.

Aperture Fox Science
(Elias, pic#_B7A5072)

Next doors

A step into a new place.
(Elias, pic#_B7A5077)


to my place in time.
(Elias, pic#_B7A5081)