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Eurofurence 2019 Fursuit Photoshoot
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Come with us

We lead you to the promised land
(Dvon Sr., Szürky, pic#_B7A6928)


Give them a warm welcome
(Dvon Sr., Szürky, pic#_B7A6930)

Wront time

As You can clearly see, my clock is far supperior to you measly timepiece
(Dvon Sr., Szürky, pic#_B7A6933)

Time And Time Again

When do we want to arrive?
(Dvon Sr., Szürky, pic#_B7A6935)

Praise the Portal Masters

Now off to jurassic park
(Dvon Sr., Szürky, pic#_B7A6939)

Future TSA

Stop, or I will beam you to when you came from!
(Dvon Sr., Szürky, pic#_B7A6943)

The X marks the time

The moment of decision
(Dvon Sr., Szürky, pic#_B7A6946)