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Eurofurence 2019 Fursuit Photoshoot
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"I doubt this is a good idea."
(Click, Jellesin (J.C.), pic#_B7A4412)


"Relax, I'll close the door behind me and come back in 5 minutes."
(Click, Jellesin (J.C.), pic#_B7A4414)

Clicking And Ticking

Establishing a rudimentary form of communication.
(Click, pic#_B7A4416)

Project: "Mobile"

"Hold still and make sure it doesn't touches any surfaces!"
(Click, Jellesin (J.C.), pic#_B7A4420)


"He must be nuts, why am I doing this?"
(Click, pic#_B7A4421)

Portable Portal

J:"Eyyy, nice!". C:"And what now?"
(Click, Jellesin (J.C.), pic#_B7A4425)

Cleaning Service

"Clean it up, I got the info I needed!"
(Click, Jellesin (J.C.), pic#_B7A4427)


"A bought you a present."
(Click, Jellesin (J.C.), pic#_B7A4428)