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Eurofurence 2019 Fursuit Photoshoot
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in white and black
(Chaga V2, Krauti, pic#_B7A6568)

Chaga Not Amused

"How dare you breaking my precious furniture."
(Chaga V2, Krauti, pic#_B7A6570)

Manipulating Time

"I'm going to rewrite history."
(Chaga V2, Krauti, pic#_B7A6576)

Knowing The Truth

"Don't worry, those two are always wrong."
(Chaga V2, Krauti, pic#_B7A6580)

Time Runner ...

... and Time Gunner
(Chaga V2, Krauti, pic#_B7A6584)

A Ballad of Cats and Mice 2

"I'm not going back there ever again!"
(Chaga V1, Chaga V2, pic#_B7A7084)

Off with ya!

"You are so EF20-ish."
(Aiden, Chaga V1, Chaga V2, Gebzula, pic#_B7A7085)

Experimental Room

We show what's physically possible today!
(Aiden, Chaga V1, Chaga V2, Gebzula, pic#_B7A7088)

Who has the bigger ... clock?

"As you can see this model is the most elegant one."
(Aiden, Chaga V1, Chaga V2, Gebzula, pic#_B7A7092)

Chaga Generations

Old vs. New
(Chaga V1, Chaga V2, pic#_B7A7095)

Technical Difficulties

"Whoa, the chronoton matrix is conking out."
(Aiden, Chaga V1, Chaga V2, Gebzula, pic#_B7A7097)

Response Team

Timely responses guaranteed
(Aiden, Chaga V1, Chaga V2, Gebzula, pic#_B7A7104)

Unfair Advantage

"Wrong weapon, dude!
(Chaga V1, Chaga V2, pic#_B7A7106)