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Eurofurence 2018 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Thursday (Slot: 19h45 (2332))
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Excuse me?

Do you want water or juice? And would you please store your luggage?
(Drenky, Kiro, Yellow, Zion, pic#A49A8554)


...are you sure you can fly that plane?
(Drenky, Kiro, Yellow, Zion, pic#A49A8557)

Well... much for that question. Is our insurance covering that?
(Drenky, Kiro, Yellow, Zion, pic#A49A8563)

I can see our house!

Look, right down there!
(Drenky, Kiro, Yellow, Zion, pic#A49A8567)

Up up and away!

Come in and join our ride!
(Drenky, Kiro, Yellow, Zion, pic#A49A8572)

I can see Kiro and Yellow

They are not on my list...
(Drenky, Zion, pic#A49A8574)

Dropping ballast!

We did already get rid of Zion and Drenky, so...
(Kiro, Yellow, pic#A49A8580)

Hanging around?

Some help please?
(Drenky, Kiro, Yellow, Zion, pic#A49A8583)