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Eurofurence 2018 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Thursday (Slot: 19h00 (2234))
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Theres the mountain!

Hurry and we'll win the race!
(Dvon, Szürky, pic#A49A8449)

Above the clouds

Cannot see the landmarks underneath for the waypoints
(Dvon, Szürky, pic#A49A8451)

I can see the lake!

Looks small from up here
(Dvon, Szürky, pic#A49A8454)

Going Higher

Lets have fun and go higher fast!
(Dvon, Szürky, pic#A49A8456)

I see the mountain!

Higher! quick!
(Dvon, Szürky, pic#A49A8458)

Cessna leisure

I fly, while you relax!
(Dvon, Szürky, pic#A49A8460)

Lets go there!

...but the Altitude runway is there!
(Dvon, Szürky, pic#A49A8464)

Flying together

...there, you see! I told you so!
(Dvon, Szürky, pic#A49A8465)

Pilot request

Can I try?
(Dvon, Szürky, pic#A49A8468)


...but we feel fine!
(Dvon, Szürky, pic#A49A8469)

In Flight catering

May i offer you some white wine?
(Dvon, Szürky, pic#A49A8475)


Wake up! the seatbelt sign is on!
(Dvon, Szürky, pic#A49A8482)