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Eurofurence 2018 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Thursday (Slot: 18h30 (2036))
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Heading far the mountains!
(Jack, pic#A49A8389)


Up, up and away!
(Jack, pic#A49A8390)


I dont need these clothes!
(Jack, pic#A49A8398)

In Flight entertainment

You will find the Eurofurence News infront of you
(Jack, pic#A49A8402)

Comfy Flight

(Jack, pic#A49A8407)

Heyo,Captain Jack...

...Show me the way to the runway five!
(Jack, pic#A49A8409)

Captain Jack

Jerry Alpha Charlie Kilo, Heavy, requesting for landing
(Jack, pic#A49A8411)

Missed the runway

Lets do a U turn
(Jack, pic#A49A8414)