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Eurofurence 2018 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Thursday (Slot: 18h00 (2357))
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Just look!

Look at all those puny little people down there!
(Red Baron, Sierus, pic#A49A8304)

It wasn't me!

Honestly! I just smoked one cigarette!
(Red Baron, Sierus, pic#A49A8306)

Look over here!

No, I think the con is going on over there!
(Red Baron, Sierus, pic#A49A8309)

This is MY seat!

Hey, this is a non-smoking plane!
(Red Baron, Sierus, pic#A49A8313)

Going on vaccation!

Finally, some legroom!
(Sierus, pic#A49A8314)


Who ever came up with that?
(Red Baron, pic#A49A8317)

60s Life

When you still could enjoy a smoke on the plane!
(Red Baron, pic#A49A8318)

Excuse me?

OK, you're excused!
(Red Baron, Sierus, pic#A49A8320)

Some water?

Sure. Non smoking and now also non-drinking? Where's my Martini?
(Red Baron, Sierus, pic#A49A8325)


Here we are!
(Red Baron, Sierus, pic#A49A8326)


Round #1: Fight!
(Red Baron, Sierus, pic#A49A8329)

Power pose!

Don't mess with us!
(Red Baron, Sierus, pic#A49A8331)


Aww, come on, stop horsing around!
(Red Baron, Sierus, pic#A49A8333)