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Eurofurence 2018 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Thursday (Slot: 17h45 (2397))
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Maybe nobody will notice

...if we get this thing tacked to the plane before we take off!
(Bluesky, Reko, pic#A49A8285)

Snaks service

Ah, yes... this is the life!
(Bluesky, Katyro, Reko, Xenja, pic#A49A8288)

Oh look!

Where? Left? Up? Down?
(Bluesky, Katyro, Reko, Xenja, pic#A49A8294)

Come take a ride... our beautiful balooooon!
(Bluesky, Katyro, Reko, Xenja, pic#A49A8297)

Look, down there under the clouds!

I can see people down there... or is it ants?
(Bluesky, Katyro, Reko, Xenja, pic#A49A8298)


Guys? A helping paw please?
(Bluesky, Katyro, Reko, Xenja, pic#A49A8300)