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Eurofurence 2018 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Thursday (Slot: 17h00 (2392))
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Yes, please!
(Blue Sparky, Lopoka, Tiberius, pic#A49A8185)


Hey, can I have some too?
(Blue Sparky, Lopoka, Tiberius, pic#A49A8188)

Wrong way!

See? We are supposed to head south!
(Lopoka, Tiberius, pic#A49A8190)

That's closer!

But we still need to go further west!
(Lopoka, Tiberius, pic#A49A8192)


Stop back seat driving!
(Lopoka, Tiberius, pic#A49A8195)

That took a left turn

...or a right one, but I can't tell which way is up right now!
(Lopoka, Tiberius, pic#A49A8197)

Get in!

Come on, you wanted that second donut. We can't afford a second ticket!
(Lopoka, Tiberius, pic#A49A8204)

Still not fitting?

You certainly need a a diet!
(Lopoka, Tiberius, pic#A49A8205)


Got that tiger packed up!
(Lopoka, pic#A49A8207)


Got our heads in the cloud...
(Lopoka, Tiberius, pic#A49A8209)

Can you see it?

We need to head over there, I think!
(Lopoka, Tiberius, pic#A49A8214)

Nope, the con is there!

Where? I still can't see anything!
(Lopoka, Tiberius, pic#A49A8216)

Checking the map

Over there, let's hope the wind is taking us the right way!
(Lopoka, Tiberius, pic#A49A8218)

Need to get up higher!

OK, I'm taking care of it!
(Lopoka, Tiberius, pic#A49A8221)