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Eurofurence 2018 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Thursday (Slot: 14h30 (1862))
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Tiwoof and Saphiros

Maximizing leg-room!
(Saphiros, Tiwoof, pic#A49A7785)

Mile high kisses

Enjoying some vacations?
(Saphiros, Tiwoof, pic#A49A7790)

Mile High Comfort

Too snuggly
(Saphiros, Tiwoof, pic#A49A7793)

Tiwoof and Saphiros

(Saphiros, Tiwoof, pic#A49A7795)

Flying school

A flying license, Saphiros? why?
(Saphiros, Tiwoof, pic#A49A7798)


Waypoint checking
(Saphiros, Tiwoof, pic#A49A7805)

Hey look, the towers!

Aww missed them!
(Saphiros, Tiwoof, pic#A49A7806)

Baloon Flying

No, dont bite that!
(Saphiros, Tiwoof, pic#A49A7810)

Above the clouds

Getting chilly
(Saphiros, Tiwoof, pic#A49A7814)


I believe I can touch the clouds
(Saphiros, Tiwoof, pic#A49A7817)

Saphiros and Tiwoof

(Saphiros, Tiwoof, pic#A49A7821)