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Eurofurence 2018 Fursuit Photoshoot:
Pictures of Thursday (Slot: 14h10 (1356))
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Skrat and Nodin

Lets hide in this basket
(Nodin Wolf, Skrat, pic#A49A7712)

Over the clouds

Oh shoot! We are flying now!
(Nodin Wolf, Skrat, pic#A49A7717)

Catch us if you can!

Haha! You'll never catch us here!
(Nodin Wolf, Skrat, pic#A49A7720)


Trust me, im an engineer, duct tape and we're good to go
(Nodin Wolf, Skrat, pic#A49A7726)

Inflight entertainment?

Looks like it!
(Nodin Wolf, Skrat, pic#A49A7728)

Cozy flight

Skrat and Nodin flying together
(Nodin Wolf, Skrat, pic#A49A7733)

Taking the plane appart

Hey! What are you doing?
(Nodin Wolf, Skrat, pic#A49A7737)

Skrat and Nodin

(Nodin Wolf, Skrat, pic#A49A7741)